Mix and Match



When the MagicBand 2.0 design was announced, many Disney fans speculated that this design change was implemented to save money on the expensive RFID technology, and also to relieve stress on the MagicBand network.  I’ve heard rumors of guests who have experienced technical difficulties when having a LOT of MagicBands active on their “My Disney Experience” account (numbers in the dozens).  Fans were speculating that you would receive the Icon piece as a Passholder or a WDW Resort guest, and might be able to buy just the empty wristband, thus allowing you to create new looks without a new RFID device.

Disney reps have said that they will not be selling empty wrist bands or Icon pieces separately, which debunks this theory.

Still, where there is a will, there is a way!  You may not be able to purchase an empty wristband, but you can mix and match with a friend or family member!  The Icon piece can be removed with a small screwdriver, and swapped into another wrist band.  




The Icon piece is removable, with a backcover plate and two tiny screws. If you don’t have a tiny screwdriver on hand, grab a $1 eyeglass repair kit from the dollar store or any convenience store.  Take extreme care when swapping out your Icon discs from one band to another, or into a MagicKeeper clip.  The screws are very small and easily dropped!  This isn’t something you want to do on the curb of Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom.  Find a quiet table somewhere to work.

You’ll want to keep your own Icon disc, which is registered to your name on your Disney account, and attached to all your pack tickets, FastPasses, etc.  Swap bands with a friend or family member, then mix and match My Fantasy Bands decals!