MagicKeepers are a new accessory for MagicBand 2.0 Icon discs.   These keychain-style accessories allow you to ditch the wrist band and wear your MagicBand Icon attached to a lanyard, bag or purse, belt loop, stroller, wheelchair … wherever you’d like!

MagicKeepers can be purchased at any resort or park gift shop in WDW Florida, via the Disney Shop Parks app, and also now at the online.    These retail at $9.99 for the plain oval MagicKeeper on a carabiner, and the Mickey and Minnie options are $12.99 a piece.  Each MagicKeeper comes with a little screwdriver, and 2 tiny screws, similar to the type found in eyeglass repair kits.  If you have trouble swapping out your Icon piece from MagicBand to MagicKeeper, ask a Cast Member for help!



To install you MagicBand Icon disc into a MagicKeeper:
Do not do this sitting on a bench or curb in the Magic Kingdom on busy Main Street USA.  If you are not at home, find a table where you can sit down and work. The screws are TEENY TINY and if you drop one, chances of finding it are slim.  The MagicKeepers come with an extra set of screws taped to a small screwdriver.  I recommend re-using the screws on your MagicBand.  If you drop or lose one, you have backups still taped to the screwdriver.

  1. Remove the back cover plate on the MagicKeeper. I had to pry it up with the screwdriver. It’s in there tightly.  A small pocket knife might be helpful here.  
  2. Remove the screws and cover plate from the back of your band. Press on the Icon to pop it out.
  3. Insert your Icon into the back of the MagicKeeper. Snap the cover plate back on (it’s tight and required some grit), install the screws.
  4. Decorate! Use an Icon Cover decal from my shop!  

The cover plates and screws are identical and interchangeable. The cover plates are extremely tight-fitting, and I believe that chances of them popping off are slim.   However, use the screws for extra security, especially if being used by a child.