Kids Decal Application

Like the original MagicBands, the MagicBand 2.0 is a one-size-fits-all wrist band.  For adults and children with slender wrists, the dark grey portion of the MagicBand 2.0 is perforated around the edges to break away, leaving behind a wrist band with a smaller circumference.  Simply press firmly at the area indicated above, then tear away the outer edge of the band on all sides.  Occasionally, I will use a pair of small manicure scissors to trim up any jagged edges left behind that might feel scratchy to tiny wrists.


Decals for Small MagicBands

My decals are applied only to the colored portion of the MagicBand, so they work on both large and small bands.  Some decal shops have pre-cut holes in their decal design.  I’ve opted NOT to do this for a few reasons:

  1. It detracts from the overall design. The personalized MagicBands you can purchase from D-Tech kiosks in the parks apply your name over the side of the MagicBand with holes, and it’s JUST NOT ATTRACTIVE.
  2. Many of my customers mix-and-match different designs, rather than choosing the same design for both sides of their MagicBand. I’ve designed all of my decals to be the exact same size so that you can apply it to either side of your wrist band without any guesswork.  Unlike decals from other shops, my decals do not cover up the mouse-shaped icon end of the MagicBand.
  3. While Disney is the ultimate family vacation destination, there are actually far more adults who visit the parks than children. For that reason, I have designed my decals to fit on adult-sized wristbands without modification, or the need for pre-cut closure holes.  However, you CAN apply them to smaller wrist bands by following the application instructions below.  

Modifying my one-size-fits-all decals for small MagicBands is fast and easy:



Step 1.   Follow the application instructions for Printed Decals found on the previous page.  Once done, measure the small wrist that this band will be worn on.  Close the MagicBand and press the closure posts into the decal to make indentations in the decal.




Step 2.  Snip the decal end just above the indentations in the decal, keeping close to the closure holes.




Step 3:  Wear with pride in the parks!  Once closed, the cut end of the decal is completely hidden.