Glitter Decal Application

I currently offer more than 2 dozen glitter vinyl options.  Glitter vinyl is as durable as it is pretty, but the material can be a challenge to apply without wrinkles.  For this reason, most of my glitter decals come with a removable clear transfer film on top to aid in application.  This film should be removed after your glitter decal is applied to your MagicBand.

There are a few glitter vinyl colors that are made from a slightly thicker material and do not need the transfer film.  These colors are Pixie Green, Fuschia, Royal Purple, Galaxy Black, and the Stained Glass Glitter options.  Please apply these colors using the peel-and-stick application instructions for Printed Decals.



Step 1:  Clean your band and apply some heat.  Please return to this page for tips on cleaning your MagicBand, and applying some heat to aid in application and ensure the best adhesion possible.

Note:  This is the Tiffany Blue glitter vinyl.



Step 2:  Peel one half decal piece from the backing paper, keeping the transfer tape and the decal together.




Step 3.  Begin applying your decal in the center of the MagicBand, directly adjacent to the opening where the Disney Icon disc is located.  Leave those side pieces loose for now while you position the decal on the band.



Step 4.  Pull gently but firmly downward, centering your decal as you go.  Smooth all over to remove any wrinkles.



Step 5.  Smooth down the ends around the center icon.



Step 6.  Remove the transfer tape.  Rub the glitter decal all over to ensure proper adhesion.






Step 7:  Repeat application on the other side, following steps 1 through 6.