In one word: AWESOME.

In a phrase: AWESOME on your WRIST.



Walt Disney World in Florida is the first set of parks and resorts to try out this amazing piece of technology. All of the items you see in the info-graphic above have been consolidated into one very cool wristband, called a MagicBand. You no longer need to keep track of your resort room key card, Fastpass tickets, park admission tickets, Photopass card, and form of payment. All of that information is stored on secure Disney servers and accessed at touch-points by your MagicBand, which contains an RF device. Your MagicBand even accesses your Disney Dining Plan information and dining reservations.

Security? No worries!  You need a PIN number to make purchases with your MagicBand, and your fingerprint to get into the parks. If you lose your MagicBand, you don’t need to worry about someone stealing your information.  Speak to a Cast Member at Guest Services at any park or resort, who will help get your MagicBand deactivated, and issue you a new one.  

Best way NOT to lose your MagicBand are BitBelt security bands. More information on MagicBands can be found at the Disney website HERE.

Right now the MagicBands are only available in the Florida Walt Disney World resorts and parks, and kids get a similar wrist band on the Disney Cruise Line for the Oceaneer Club.

Passholders and Disney Vacation Club Members can order their complimentary MagicBands annually with the purchase or renewal of their passes.

WDW Resort Guests:  If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort, your vacation package includes complimentary MagicBands in solid colors, one for each member of your travel party. You can select your MagicBand color, along with a personalized name printed on the back of the Icon Disc, via the My Disney Experience website.  You will receive your bands in the mail roughly a month before your arrival date. If you have booked your vacation with less than a month to go, there is often still time for your bands to come in the mail, but you may be asked to pick them up from the check-in desk of your resort when you arrive.

International guests will receive their MagicBands at the check-in desk of their resort upon arrival.

Other guests:  If you are not staying at a resort on Disney property, but would still like to have a Magic Band, you can purchase the wrist bands in most resort and park gift shops, at Disney Springs, and online at ShopDisney.com.   Plain colored MagicBands are $12.99. Bands with a design start around $23, with additional fees for personalized bands. Limited edition designs vary in price.  Or you can decorate a plain band with MFB decals for a lot less!

Please visit the Walt Disney World Resort webpage for more information on MagicBands and booking your Disney vacation.

All of my decal pieces are sold à la carte so you can mix and match different designs, giving you freedom to create your own unique MagicBand look.   To decorate a single MagicBand, you must add TWO decal halves to your shopping cart.  In the dropdown menu of each product listing, please select '1/2 Band Decal' for one side of your MagicBand, and another '1/2 Band Decal' for the other side of your MagicBand.  My decals are all the same size and shape so you can apply them to your MagicBand to either side.  No guesswork involved!  

Icon Covers fit over the center "Mickey" Icon disc, and are optional.  These should be added to your cart separately from band decal halves.

You can find more information about the process of designing my decals here


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Many of the MagicBand photographs on my website and my Instagram show a MagicBand bow like these:


These band bows have an elastic band and slide onto your MagicBand.  There are many shops selling bows these days, but the original and the BEST (in my humble opinion) is SPRAY ON THE GLITTER BOUTIQUE.  Each bow is carefully and lovingly crafted by hand by Sofia, a Florida native and Disney lover at heart.  Sofia has dozens of bad bow styles and is always designing new ones.  If you can't find what you're looking for in her shop, send her a message.  She often welcomes custom orders.  Keep in mind that each bow is handmade, and Sofia is also a full time college student, so please allow several weeks for your bows to arrive.  They will be worth the wait!  


I do not sell the mouse-shaped stickers in my shop, but I do frequently offer them as free gifts, when time and materials allow. Please leave a note with your order during checkout, and I'll do my best to accomodate your request. :) I typically have a wide range of solid and glitter vinyl colors in stock. You can request specific colors, which I will send if I have them, or I can choose colors for you to match the band decals you've selected.

You can find the order notes section during checkout in the last 'Order Confirmation' section just before clicking "Proceed to Payment."

They are super durable and waterproof!   I have received countless emails from customers who have tried decals from other shops, and have not been happy.  Decals from other shops often don't stay stuck for long, aren't waterproof, and the printed design eventually rubs off.

My decals are DIFFERENT!  My decals are produced using only high quality waterproof vinyl with a permanant outdoor-grade adhesive.  This is the same stuff highway and street signs are made with!  Additionall, there is an extra UV laminate layer over my printed designs that protect the design from fading or scratching or rubbing off. 

When applied correctly to a clean band, following the application instructions on my website, your decal will last for 3-5 YEARS of fun in the sun and water. 

I opened shop in 2014, and I still have MagicBands from that year dressed in my decals.  I also have heard from lots of customers that are still using MagicBands that are 2 to 3 years old with my decals STILL STUCK and looking brand new. 

I have a whole page that talks about my decal materials and quality. You can find that information here

Yes! My illustrated MagicBand decals are digitally printed in vivid full color on outdoor-grade vinyl material and protected from the elements with an abrasive-resistant, UV-blocking over laminate. That means they wont come off when they get wet, and the design wont fade or scratch. MFB decals are durable, waterproof, and have an outdoor-use life of 3 to 5 years.

When applied correctly, you can wear your MagicBands dressed in MFB decals in the rain, in the shower, at the pool and the waterpark, on fast rides, slow rides, and everything in between. They can not be damaged by sweat or sunscreen, or even spilled Dole Whip (GASP).


I recommend my decals for single-application use. This doesn’t mean single-day use, though! My decals are produced using only high quality waterproof vinyl with a permanant outdoor-grade adhesive. When applied correctly to a clean band, your decal will last for 3-5 YEARS of fun in the sun and water. Once you remove your decal, it may stick again, but wont be as durable as your first application.

Like the original MagicBands, the MagicBand 2.0 is a one-size-fits-all wrist band. For adults and children with slender wrists, the dark grey portion of the MagicBand 2.0 is perforated around the edges to break away, leaving behind a wrist band with a smaller circumference. Simply press/pull firmly on the perforated dark gray portion of the strap, then tear away the outer edge of the band on all sides.

My decals are designed to fit on both the full-sized MagicBand and also the modified smaller MagicBand. You can find instructions for making your MagicBand smaller and applying my decals to the smaller MagicBands here

I sure can! Please check out this link for information on shipping directly to your hotel or resort.

You can find detailed information about my processing and shipping procedures on this page.

I am not accepting custom orders at this time. I do offer a bulk order discount for travel agents and other small businesses looking to give away MFB Decals as add-ons to their services. Please contact me for a quote.

I do not have a wholesale discount and my decals can not be purchased and resold for any reason.