Decal Design

Designing Decals for the MagicBand 2.0 

I worked on a lot of prototype shapes for these new decals;  some that covered just the band and didn’t wrap around the center oval, some that covered the entire band, some cut in a single continuous piece, some cut in 2 pieces.  My final design is a 2-piece decal that wraps around the center Icon disc to give the illusion of a one-piece decal, is the same size and shape on both sides, and allows some of the MagicBand color to show around the edges, similar to my original MagicBand decals. 


 Why not an all-over skin for the MagicBand 2.0?

Over the past few years, a lot of competition has popped up in the MagicBand decorating industry.  That’s fantastic!    In the beginning it was myself and one other shop, and they eventually dropped out of the game.  I’m grateful for the other shops that have opened since then.  Each new shop has brought their own creative ideas to the market.  Consumers love to have options, myself included, and competing shops give me motivation to be better at what I do.

With competition comes questions from my customers, such as “Why aren’t you making your decals like THIS shop over here?”   

Answer:  My decals are different

With the introduction of the MagicBand 2.0, there are some other decal companies selling an all-over decal.   I am not, and I wanted to explain why.

This option wasn’t working with my decals due to extra layer of laminate that my vinyl has, and also due to the thick industrial grade adhesive on the back of my vinyl.    My illustrated decals are printed on a waterproof outdoor-grade adhesive vinyl with a thick over-laminate that protects the printed design from fading and scratching, and adds a lot of extra durability and longevity to my decals.  This thicker vinyl wasn’t laying well as an all-over decal. 

I also was finding that an all-over-decal meant that the 2 sides of my decals would need to be different sizes, since the MagicBand is not identical on both ends.  A single one-piece decal was impossible to apply, even for me, so I knew the decal needed to be cut into two pieces somewhere.  Below are some early attempts at my MagicBand 2 decal design.  Both of these options ultimately didn't make the CUT.  (see what I did there?  HA!)


This also raised question of adding pre-cut holes to my decals.  Cutting holes in one decal half would mean that I would need to stock twice as many decal pieces for every design (confusing for me and my customers), or my customers would be bound to a single design pair for their MagicBand.  Two different decal halves meant that my customers would no longer be able to mix-and-match two different designs, but instead would have a single design across both sides of the MagicBand.

No mixing and matching?  No bueno!


Let's ask who matters most... YOU

I communicated with my followers on Instagram through the entire process of designing decals for the MagicBand 2.0, something I've never seen one of my competitors do.  These are the people who rely upon my product to dress up their naked MagicBands, and also to last for their entire vacation and longer.  The opinion of my customers is essential to the success of my business.

I made several posts across several days, asking my followers for their thoughts on size, shape, and application methods.  I presented the possibility of skipping the lamination step of production so the vinyl would apply wall as an all-over decal.  I also asked my customers if they wanted an all-over decal in lieu of a decal in 2 halves that could allow mixing-and-matching.

No lamination?!

The overwhelming majority opinion was to NOT sacrifice quality to make a decal that covers the entire band.  I think 99% of the feedback I received was DO NOT stop offering the mix-and-match option, and DO NOT eliminate the laminate on my vinyl. 

In the end, I kept my vinyl material as it was, and designed a decal that was identical on both sides.  There is no guesswork on which side your decals should be applied to, since you can apply them to either side.  This leaves an uncovered end of the MagicBand where the mouse-shaped icon is, which falls on the underside of the wrist.  That little mouse is cute, so let's show him off!



The center Icon cover decal is optional.  Some guests like it, some guests prefer the Mickey Icon disc to be bare.  If you like the covers, they are just $0.50 and must be added to your shopping cart separately.  If you’d like a mouse-shaped decal for your band, leave a note during checkout and I’m happy to include one with your order as a free gift, when time and materials allow.

Competitor decals = zero room for application error.  

A decal that covers 100% of the colored portion of the MagicBand leaves little room for application error.  If you don't get the application of an all-over skin absolutely perfect, some of the edges of your decal may overlap the edge of your band, leaving room for moisture and humidity to get in.  This could affect the longevity of your decal application. 

I have even heard of shops sending customers double of each decal set they order, so if customers struggle with applying the decals, they can try again with a second set.  It really shouldn't be that much of a challenge to apply a decal set.  I've made sure my decals are easy to apply, and my instructions are clear and concise.

My decals leave a margin of the MagicBand color showing on all sides.  This allows you to show off the MagicBand color that you've proudly chosen for your vacation, and you can also still see the cute embossed mouse at the end of the band.  Most importantly, this ensures that the edges of your 'My Fantasy Bands' decals are completely sealed and safe from water and contaminants. When applied correctly, my decals will last for YEARS without peeling.  

Custom Care and Loyalty

I frequently receive emails from guests who have tried decals from other companies, and have come back to mine for quality, durability, and stellar customer service.  I have been in the MagicBand decal business longer than any other shop.  My success is contributed to the continued enthusiastic support of my loyal “Fantasy Fans” and my steadfast dedication to my craft.  I also love to connect with my customers and my relationship with them is very important to me.  My patrons are not just customers, they are a my friends and a part of my Disney family.