profile-erin.pngMy name is Erin.   I’m the designer and creator of My Fantasy Bands. I’m a left-handed Libra, and I’ve been an artist my whole life.  I have a degree in graphic design, but I fancy myself as one of those people just ‘born with it.’

Things not born with:  The ability to eat without wearing my food, the grace to walk through my house without tripping or stubbing a toe, and any semblance of athletic coordination.

My interests:  I love Jesus, coffee, naps, books, Harry Potter, and Disney.  You can read my list of Disney favorites here.

I’m a kid at heart, and a pretty big nerd.  I love to read, and worked in retail books for almost 13 years.  My favorite fandoms are Disney, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, and classic Nintendo.  I have a lot of hobbies, because I’m always trying new things.  In my spare time I read, cook, craft, make messes, waste way too much time on Instagram and Pinterest, sing loudly and badly, and refinish furniture.   I generally have two or three home improvement projects going at once, too.

My Fantasy Bands launched in 2014.  Check out this page for the story on how it all began!


I have two crazy-stinky-rotten-wonderful little girls, ages 11 and 10.  They are 20 months apart, and as different as night and day.


My girls are my sun and moon. They inspire and challenge me every day to be a better me.  Being a graphic artist allows me to work from home so that I never have to miss a moment of my girls growing up.  It goes by so fast!  The best part of my day is when they get off the bus with grins and hugs, and tell me everything they did at school.


Rob is Mr. My Fantasy Bands, otherwise known as Mr. MFB or The Husband Unit.  I believe he is the most infinitely patient man in the world.  He does an admirable job of putting up with my colorful artsy-fartsy personality, and a house full of girls.  He’s an awesome Dad and an awesome husband.

He cuts decals and stuffs envelopes with me, does way more housework than I do, cooks, cleans, builds things, makes me laugh, and does it all while working full time in the landscaping industry.  I’m so lucky to have him.  I know I’d be a mess without him!



Mr. MFB and I are both originally from Indiana.  We’re huge Notre Dame fans.  GO IRISH.  We live just north of Nashville in a pretty little house close to a lake, with a lazy beagle snoozing in the sun on the back porch.  Her name is Cassidy.  Cassidy had a big brother, a golden mix named Rudy, who had a good long life with us.  We said goodbye to Rudy last year.  We will never stop missing you, Old Man.



Our lifelong dream is to someday own a modest piece of land with a big garden and some chickens, and spend some time traveling around North America in an RV.  And to go to Disney a lot.